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Volunteer Team

Volunteer & Job Opportunities

Serve God with us John 12:26

Administration department

1 x International visitors administrator REF: IVA852

1 x Provincial visitors administrator REF: PVA432

1 x Partnership administrator REF: PA476

1 x Testimonies administrator REF: TA012

1 x Prayer-line administrator REF: PLA145

1 x Prayer-line coordinator REF: PLC320

Music department

4 x Worshipers REF: W102

1 x Base guitarist REF: BG486

1 x Lead guitarist REF: LG862

1 x Keyboardist REF: KB734

1 x Drummer REF: D412

Ushering department

4 x Ushers REF: U785

Media department

4 x Camera operator REF: CO245

1 x Graphic designer REF: GD956

1 x Video editor REF: VE899

Sunday School department

Childcare minder REF: CCM523

NB: When you submit application use REF as subject.

With our church’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies and innovations for soul winning. Our team is committed, working each and every day to liberate live, liberate nations and liberate the world. 

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